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this is serious business, mad at you

June 2007

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this is serious business, mad at you

My mum sent me an owl this morning. Apparently, she went to Diagon Alley. How she managed that, I don't know, but I learned a long time ago that my mother was off. Very off.  

I've had it sitting on my desk and haven't read it all day, because I don't really care.

But I bet if I don't reply, she'll just send another one...

So, my cousin's getting married. Which must be the biggest news in our family of the year. I don't even know what she thought she'd accomplish by telling me, anyway. I wouldn't go even if there was some kind of monetary payment involved.


Anthony, are you all right?
Perfectly fine, Mandy. Never been better.
That's not working.
I know it isn't. Figured I might as well give it a try anyway.
So what is wrong?
I've narrowed it down to two possibilities. It's either the fact that my mother would bother going through the trouble to tell me about my cousin's engagement, or the fact that she actually expects me to go to the wedding. Don't I prove it enough that I don't want to be around them?

I don't know which is worst.
Why wouldn't your mother tell you about your cousin's engagement? Anthony, I know you don't get along with your family, but they can't be that bad... My mother's not even that bad.
Is your mum making you go?
She's "strongly suggesting" I attend.
The guilt trip then.

Well, would it be so bad just to go for a bit and then leave? I mean, no offense or anything but most weddings are pretty big and no one really notices just one person skipping out.
But then I'd be dealing with my family, which is what I'm trying to avoid.

It's possibility. She'd probably want me glued to her side all day, though.
Well when's the wedding? Maybe you can convince her that you've simply got too much to do what with homework and Prefect's business and all to take care of.

Speaking of Prefect's business, you seem to be having an awful lot of it lately that you require my help with. What's going on?
During our winter holiday. My cousin apparently likes the season so much that she set it a few days before Christmas. I guess I'll try explaining how important N.E.W.T.s are.

It's...uh...did she really have to ask that?...nothing's going on.
I know that obviously you don't really want to be bothered about this, but if you ever need an ear, I'll lend one.
I know, Lisa. And I appreciate that.