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this is serious business, mad at you

June 2007

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this is serious business, mad at you

Hogsmeade was...Hogsmeade.


Didn't you have fun Anthony?
Well, I didn't want try to kill myself.
No, you didn't. That's definetly a good thing.

But didn't you have fun? I mean, you seemed happy enough when the six of us were sitting around in the Three Broomsticks.
It was fine. I'm fine, Padma. I just don't have the need to recount every second of the day.
You don't have to get all defensive Anthony. You were just sort of quiet and I know you don't really like being...blind dated..and things but-

Oh nevermind. Where're we doing our rounds tonight?
Padma...I wasn't being defensive not really.

Your call.
Oh honestly. Boys.

Let's do the Charms wing. No one's ever down there and I don't feel like taking points tonight.
What's that supposed to mean?

Meet you in the common room?
You're all just so fustrating. I can't figure any of you out for the life of me.

As always.
Can't say I ever considered myself mysterious.
Maybe I'm overthinking and you're really just so unmysterious that I'm making you mysterious.

That has to be it. It's the only thing that makes sense.
Since, I'm so unmysterious...the Charms wing?
Yes, the Charms wing. Not a problem, is it?
Not at all. I'll leave my room now.
Excellent. I'll see you in the common room.
And your date was the most amazingly gorgeous girl you'd ever seen in your life.
Of course, Lavender.
Well, you forgot to mention that in your entry so I was just making sure.
It was a good thing, then, wasn't it?
You should really try to smile more. That would be a better thing.
Are you talking about in general, or just when I'm around you?
Well, both I guess. You seem very gloomy. Like Theodore Nott.
Nott? I'm not anything like him-

I'll keep that in mind.
Enthusiastic as always, Anthony.
Is there ever a time when I'm not?
Did you have a good time? I had a fantastic time and it really seemed like everyone but you had a great time.

Well, Colin seemed to be happier than normal, so that should count as a great time.
I had a good time, Parvati. I just didn't feel like giving a whole rundown.
But rundowns are fun. That way, we'll know what worked and what didn't for the next time we all go to Hogsmeade together! Won't that be fun?

Maybe if I'm with Padma-

Sure, it will.
Fantastic! I'm glad you and Lav hit it off so well! It must have been that questionaire.

I knew this was hell.

Must've been.
So when are we all going to get together again?
I don't know, Parvati. Whenever you come up with is fine for me.
Well, I'll just have to check with everyone, then. Maybe we could have a small picnic near the lake, all six of us? It would be a lot less formal and perhaps you'd have more fun?
That sounds fine, Parvati.
Brilliant! this might get Colin some sunlight
Sorry about hitting you with that roll, mate. It went a bit out of control.

Not a problem. Not the worst thing that could've happened, was it?
Considering who you were with? Yeah, not the worst that could've happened.
Just what do you mean by that, Dean Thomas?
There's not going to be an argument on my journal, is there?
There won't be if people would stop making these sorts of comments. You didn't find the company lacking or stressful, did you?

Of course I didn't. The company was fine.
I'm glad you thought so! I really think that the three of us are fantastic people to be around and we're all quite beautiful as well. Add in Colin and Terry and you get an amazing group with loads of fun and laughter!

It just upsets me when people make assumptions about certain members of our little group.
Which they shouldn't do. Especially not on my journal where I feel obligated to jump in.
See, yes, quite! Thank you so very much for that! You're a very nice person!
You're welcome, Parvati.
I just meant that there was Creepy Creevey and you three gossiping girls were quite a few of you, that's all.