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this is serious business, mad at you

June 2007

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this is serious business, mad at you

I replied back to my mum a couple days ago. Told her that I had things to worry about. Very important, school related things, and that it really was a shame that I wouldn't be able to make it. And I sent it through an email because the idea of my mother owling me again doesn't work for me.

She took the hint on at least that part, thankfully, and replied back that my cousin was family and that it was over the holidays, anyway. And she implied that whatever I was doing here wasn't so important that I couldn't go.

I can't win with that woman.


Then have fun with the family you clearly are looking to avoid.
I'm sure there are other ways to avoid my family, though.

If I'm still looking for a way out in a month, I might take you up on it, though.
I'm sure you, being the smart Ravenclaw, will have it all figured out by then.

My offer is open for a limited amount of time. You might want to hurry, darling.
Of course. You'll let me know when I've missed my chance then?
I'll have Branstone pass on the message.

You haven't seen her around. Have you? I'm feeling rather chilly and in need of a hot cup of cocoa with a generous amount of whiskey.
Not since she ran out of the common room last night, on a mission or something like that. I wasn't really paying attention.

I'll be sure to tell her you're looking for her, if I see her.
Not if I see her first but thank you.
You're welcome.