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this is serious business, mad at you

June 2007

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this is serious business, mad at you

So, four days on already, and I've been accused of being gay, among other things. Amazing, really.


Why did I join again?


Accused of being gay? That's it? You're being let off easy, mate.

Would you rather we prank you?
That's not necessary. Thank you for the offer, though.
You ... are the first to thank us for that!

Now we have to prank you!
Because you didn't want to miss out on the fun anymore?

And I don't know why he accused you of being gay. You're not. Right?
No, I'm not gay. Never have been, never will be.
Oh, well, that's nice.

Although all of us would support you completely if you were.
Probably because gay people like you told you to.
He's not really gay, you know.
I should've figured...

Nott, I thought we've already had this discussion. Your problems are not my problems.
If you're not gay, then I have some wonderful girls that I think you should start dating immediately.
I don't need to be set up, Parvati.
It would certainly help dispell some of the gay rumours, wouldn't it?

Do you prefer beauty with a big heart and even bigger brains or beauty with big brains and an even bigger heart?
Was pervert one of them?
No, I'm pretty sure that wasn't one of them. Why you would ask is almost interesting, though.
Only because your house is known for perverse boys.