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this is serious business, mad at you

June 2007

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this is serious business, mad at you

So, four days on already, and I've been accused of being gay, among other things. Amazing, really.


Why did I join again?


Oh, not much. Just the usual, you know? At the moment I'm trying to assure the youngest Creevey that no one's going to die.
Die? Why does he think someone's going to die?
Because Ginny and Longbottom are missing or something. I don't know why the Gryffindor prefects aren't handling this themselves.
Have they even been missing that long yet?
Longbottom's been missing since..last night or earlier today I think, and I'm sure Ginny's not been gone that long.
And there's a possibility that they're both completely unrelated, right?
Of course.
So there's no need for him to panic just yet.

I've been meaning to ask you - not to dimiss Parvati's suggestions, of course, if there was anything specific you might like for your birthday?
There's no need at all. He's just being silly.

Vati's been giving people birthday gift suggestions already?

Anyway, if you really want to get me something I wouldn't say no to some of that wonderful shimmery colour-changing yarn in Hogsmeade.
Suggestions? She gave me a brief run down which led back to her, of course of what I should get.

I'll definitely keep that in mind.
Well I hope they were good ones.

Oh, you're such a sweetheart.
It's nothing, really.
It was the least I could do, Padma.
I understand, Vati.

We've just got about a month and a half until our birthday. I can't wait.
I know, neither can I! What are we going to do? We definitely need to have an even better party than Lav and Neville did and we certainly can't let Seamus have the best party Gryffindor has ever seen. This has to beat all of them.