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Anthony Goldstein
16 January 1980
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Name: Anthony Goldstein.
Age: 21.
Birthday: January 16, 1980.
Bloodline: Muggle-born.
Former House: Ravenclaw.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, no question. And he's taken, anyway.
Financial status: Better than it was three years ago when he first left.
Occupation: Research.
Residence: With his father until he buys his own place.
Alliance: None/Neutral.
Losses/Injuries From War: Lisa Turpin on Hogsmeade weekend.

Anthony was forced to spend the first month with his mother. A month was all he could take before he decided that he had to leave before someone had to die - either himself or his mother. He didn't join the war efforts, however, not quite sure with how he would be able to help. Now that the war is finally over, he's trying to think about the future.

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